So our paths have crossed..

This is great news!

Welcome to my world..

 My mission is to provide the tools and create the sacred space for us to heal together.

Meet Shay

I am committed to helping others grow in love. It is my pleasure to take the journey of transformation with you. One of my biggest thrills in life is witnessing someone step into the Divine purpose and live their passion.. It brings me LIFE!

I am here to help you trust yourself. To remind you of the greatness that you are. It's ok to forget sometimes.. I will be here beside you, reminding you of the light that you are. There may be things hidden in the darkness, the subconscious mind.. Together we will bring light, consciousness to these issues and address them head-on. Making the unknown, known. The unseen, seen. The awareness of it brings the solution.

I have practiced various healing modalities for the last 15 years and  now feel prepared to share those gifts with you. I may not be an expert in any one thing, but I have a great deal of information that I have gathered over the last few years, traveling and learning from all those I encounter along the way. Applying this information and experiencing it, feeling it for myself has changed my world. 

We are better together

We are strong together

Let us unify in LOVE

Feb 8th, 2018

The  Divine Self -
[Live Session]
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